X-ray instruments

Below you will find information about Swedankle-related X-ray instruments. The information is also downloadable from the download box.

Kellgren-Lawrence Grading Scale

Grade 1

Doubtful narrowing of joint space and possible osteophytic lipping.

Grade 2

Definite osteophytes, definite narrowing of joint space.

Grade 3

Moderate multiple osteophytes, definite narrowing of joints space, some sclerosis and possible deformity of bone contour.

Grade 4

Large osteophytes, marked narrowing of joint space, severe sclerosis and definite deformity of bone contour.

The Canadian Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society (COFAS) classification system

COFAS classification system for end-stage ankle arthritis. Krause et al. Foot Ankle Int 2010;31:103-108

Type 1

Isolated ankle arthritis.

Type 2

Ankle arthritis with intra-articular varus or valgus deformity or a tight heel cord, or both.

Type 3

Ankle arthritis with hindfoot deformity, tibial malunion, midfoot ab- or adductus, supinated midfoot, plantarflexed first ray etcetera.

Type 4

Types 1–3 plus subtalar, calcaneocuboid or talonavicular arthriti.

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