Below you will find images of different Swedankle-related prostheses. Click on an image to enlarge it.

Salto-protes/Salto prothesis
Salto prothesis
Star-rpotes/Star prothesis
Star prothesis






Hintegra-protes/Hintegra prothesis
Hintegra prothesis
Buechel-Pappas-protes/Buechel-Pappas prothesis
Buechel-Pappas prothesis







Mobility-protes/Mobility prothesis
Mobility prothesis
AES-protes/AES prothesis
AES prothesis






Zenith-protes/Zenith prothesis
Zenith prothesis
CCI Evolution-protes/CCI Evolution prothesis
CCI Evolution prothesis






Box ankle-protes/Box ankle prothesis
Box ankle prothesis
TM-ankle-protes/TM-ankle prothesis
TM-ankle prothesis
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